What makes us different

StreamMe is the next-generation social network for active users. A partnership is developed between our users and the platform; the goal is to establish a win-win and fair share of advertising revenue. The network rewards users by sharing a portion of ad revenue, and doing so demonstrates appreciation for those who actively use StreamMe. The platform does not force users to carry out marketing-related activities (watching videos, streaming, clicking on promotional links, etc.) and advertising on Stream. I adhere to widely accepted advertising standards for social channels. Simultaneously, users have been rewarded for their social activity and popularity on the platform thanks to community reviews.

This unique reward system analyzes users' activities and their audience (subscribers) based on internal algorithms, determines account interest, and distinguishes real users from bots. A person earns when a subscriber sees an ad shown on their newsfeed and receives ad revenue per view. Correspondingly, the more popular and exciting users are, the more people they sign up for and the more money they make. Earnings are transferred consistently into the users' wallets (StreamWallet) every month. Each account automatically comes with a personal wallet. The trading processes are fully automated and do not require any additional action from the user. StreamMe allows users to support content creators they like and more, directly influence their earnings by subscribing to their account and by SAVING their content. That means they can sell the content to the community. When the community downloads an asset, there is a fee charged to the content creator.

This is what millions of users do every day on other social sites but making no financial profit.

Once a user reaches a certain amount of followers and engagement metrics, users can apply to become a StreamStar. StreamStar is entitled to the token payment benefits from the system when there is an upvote. To promote individual brands to brands and to be selected by brands to advertise in StreamMarket.

StreamMe offers a FinTech solution that combines blockchain technology, e-commerce, and payment services. SME is a virtual currency of the network (standard BEP-20) has a limited supply of 100 million. Use of SME:

  • Payment of StreamMe network’s services (ads via business profile, premium account, sticker packages, etc.)

  • E-commerce payments

  • Rewarding users for social activity on StreamMe

  • Transfers between users within the network

  • Exchange of SME for flat currency.

Blockchain technology is a distributed database used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block. A blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for validating new blocks. Decentralized systems and tokens are a revolutionary concept on the blockchain, allowing various DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) to create solutions to our current centralized problems.

Our goal at StreamMe is to reduce social barriers and all barriers caused by online interaction and centralized censorship. It is also introducing a fully decentralized social media platform based on the blockchain as a foundation for developing an entire decentralized ecosystem. Will draw attention to blockchain communities and worldwide governments already taking note.