Q1 2021
    Concept Development
    Team Forming
    1st Community Survey
    Alpha version of StreamMe - Internal testing
April 2021
    Website & whitepaper
    2nd Community Survey
    Improve Social Media & Launch Beta App
    Seed & Private token sale
    Partnership Programme launched
    Collaborations with first advertisers
    Airdropping at all our partners’ site
May 2021
    StreamMe - social media launched
    Test marketing campaigns in all central targeted regions
    Multilingual technical support established
    Public ICO launched
    StreamMe Token listed on Pancakeswap
Q3-Q4 2021
    Additional offices opened in several jurisdictions
    Several FinTech licenses & collaborations secured for SM-Pay
    Development of SM-Pay - StreamMe FinTech platform started
    StreamMe Market (e-commerce) launched
    Wallet Integration - Integrate a wallet solution into our Dapp
    Full redesign of StreamMe App
    Encrypted Messaging - Adding an encrypted P2P messaging feature to our ecosystem
    A full-scale marketing campaign for StreamMe platform
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